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New York state cyclists could be doored

When riding on an open road, one of the main risks that cyclists face is when drivers overtake them unsafely. Drivers may pass too closely or cut them off. This all happens at high speeds, so these accidents can be fairly traumatic.

As such, a cyclist may feel a bit safer driving in an urban area. Traffic is slower, giving them more time to react. It’s not quite as frightening to be passed by a pickup truck at 25 mph as it is at 60 mph.

But there’s still a major concern on urban streets: Getting doored. Cyclists need to be aware of how this happens and why it may lead to injury.

Opening a door into the street

When a cyclist gets doored, that means that a person in a parked car opened the door into the street. The cyclist was coming up behind the car and had no warning that the door was about to open. They may have been riding in a bike lane or near the shoulder of the road. As the door swung into their path, they either hit the door directly or swerved into traffic trying to avoid it.

This can happen anywhere, but it is a far greater risk in urban areas with parallel parking on the side of the street. In theory, drivers are always supposed to check their mirrors and make sure that the path is clear before opening the door. But many drivers are only thinking about other traffic, so they may quickly glance to look for cars and trucks, but never see the cyclist. Other drivers are distracted or oblivious, and they don’t even check at all before opening the door.

This type of cycling accident could lead to concussions, broken bones and other severe injuries. Those who have been hurt need to know how to seek financial compensation.