Count On Team Finn When You Need The Win

Taking On The Justice System To Protect You

The criminal justice system is immensely powerful. Although you are supposed to have the presumption of innocence, you likely still feel as if the state has presumed your guilt. Against such improbable odds, you need an attorney who will go the distance to protect your rights.

Ryan Finn is the attorney to help you. At Finn Law Offices, he defends the rights of clients in Albany and the surrounding region. He stands up assertively for clients who have been subjected to police brutality. He handles misdemeanors and felonies across the spectrum of criminal charges including:

  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI): A DWI can lead to expensive fines and can even land you in jail.
  • Vehicle and traffic offenses: Do not underestimate these charges. They can permanently harm your driving privileges.
  • Assault: Violent crimes such as assault tend to carry incredibly serious criminal penalties.
  • Sex crimes and sexual assault: Being labeled a sex offender is one of the worst things that can happen to your future.
  • Drugs and diversion program cases: Ryan can often help you receive treatment instead of a criminal sentence.
  • Burglary: The state takes burglary and other property crimes very seriously and punishes them harshly.

Just as he provides honest advice to his clients, he asks that you provide him with honesty. That way, he can have a comprehensive view of how best to approach your case.

Experienced At Getting Results

When you work with Ryan, he gets to know your life circumstances. You can explain what you want from the outcome of your case and he will develop a strategy to achieve it. As a criminal defense attorney, he has experience negotiating plea bargains, getting charges reduced and dismissed and representing clients in court. However, he always leaves the final decision of how you want your case handled up to you.

You Deserve Protection From A Lawyer – Now

When you have “Team Finn” on your side, you have a strong defense that you can trust with your future. When you are ready, call Ryan at 518-896-0927 or send him an email to schedule an initial consultation. He serves clients throughout Upstate, Central and Western New York.