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Legal Remedies For School-Based Bullying

As a parent or a student in a public or private school, you have every right to expect protection from bullying. You or your son or daughter should not have to tolerate abuse on a school bus, in a classroom, in an athletic facility or in online school-related communications. Any such bullying is an affront to dignity, and unjustifiable. If this type of wrongdoing is happening at your child’s school (or your school), you are doing the right thing by seeking legal advice.

Attorney Ryan Finn, the founder of Finn Law Offices in Albany, stands up for students and their parents who are affected by bullying. He is a skilled and highly knowledgeable civil rights attorney who is passionate about protecting clients’ rights.

What Type Of Bullying Have You Experienced?

Bullying can be many things, not just taunting and teasing. Have you or has your teenager or younger student been the target of any of these types of abuse at school?

  • Verbal abuse and/or violent actions by other students, or by employees of a school
  • The use of racial slurs or other disrespectful and demeaning name-calling
  • Sexual assault of female or male students
  • Sexual exploitation or bullying of students with disabilities and/or students with independent educational plans (IEPs), possibly called “special ed kids” by taunters

Finn Law Offices is a comprehensive source of legal guidance for students and parents who have been affected by any such abuses.

Attorney Ryan Finn also represents students and their families after the students have been injured in apparent accidents in physical education classes, science laboratories, industrial education sections of a school or on playgrounds.

What If You Or Your Student Has Been Unjustly Accused?

Attorney Finn is a highly experienced and effective criminal defense attorney. In addition to protecting people in schools from civil rights violations, he also defends the wrongly accused. He applies his skills for the defense and his in-depth knowledge of bullying situations to represent:

  • Students accused of abusing fellow students
  • Teachers, coaches and other staff members accused of sexual improprieties with students
  • Students, coaches, staff members, teachers and administrators accused of sexual harassment as Title IX violations

For those harmed and those accused, the bottom line is that students, parents and staff at schools deserve protection of their safety and constitutional rights.

Get Clarity And Justice

Discuss your situation with attorney Ryan Finn and learn about your next best course of action. Attorney Finn is determined to help you find a resolution through the most appropriate and effective means.

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