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What To Do When A Government Agency Lets You Down

Has a government agency done wrong by you or your business? Did a state or local government body unjustifiably deny you a permit or license or otherwise treat you unfairly? Article 78 proceedings are one avenue for trying again to turn things around in your favor.

Attorney Ryan Finn, the founder of Finn Law Offices, has a strong track record supporting citizens and businesses when they have encountered roadblocks in dealings with branches of government. Ask attorney Finn for guidance and direction as you seek to appeal an administrative decision by any local or state government body.

About Your Potential Article 78 Proceedings

Four months after you have exhausted administrative attempts to get an adverse decision changed through the original agency, you can bring an appeal known as an Article 78 proceeding. The agency decision that you wish to appeal may be one of the following:

  • A decision about your employment with a government body
  • A denial of a land use permit that you applied for
  • An adverse zoning decision by a zoning board
  • A denial of a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) application
  • An adverse decision about tenancy in public housing

These are examples, rather than an exhaustive list. Any action or inaction by a state or local government agency that you hope to get changed may be a candidate for an Article 78 proceeding.

Attorney Finn is ready to take a meritorious Article 78 appeal on your behalf through your county’s supreme court – a branch of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. With your lawyer’s help, you will be requesting a review of a decision by a local or state body or officer. Your justification for the appeal may be that the original decision was:

  • Based on insufficient evidence
  • Incorrect or unreasonable
  • Based on an error of law

If you are successful, your Article 78 proceeding may compel a local or state body or officer to do something that it is required to do by law. Or it may prohibit a state body or officer from acting beyond its authority.

Discuss Your Case With Attorney Finn And Make A Plan Of Attack

You may wonder whether racism, politics, rivalry, nepotism or incompetence is to blame for the denial you encountered in interactions with a government agency. Do you have a Section 83 argument on your side? Regardless of the cause of the bad treatment you received from public officials, you are right to seek legal advice. If you have applied for a license or permit and it has been turned down, consult with attorney Ryan Finn to discuss how to pursue your desired outcome through Article 78 proceedings.

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