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Confronting And Overcoming Discrimination On The Job

Employment-based discrimination is not something that you have to tolerate in silence. If your employer fired or demoted you or barred you from applying for a promotion and you suspect illegal discrimination is the reason, you should get legal advice. To understand all your rights and be ready to assert those rights, work with an employment law attorney who is well-versed in all aspects of civil rights.

Attorney Ryan Finn, the founder of Finn Law Offices, is a skilled and passionate trial lawyer with a keen interest in protecting people’s constitutional rights. He will help you devise a response to discrimination you have experienced in the workplace – even if all employees in your company work remotely.

Common Forms Of Workplace Discrimination And Retaliation

Clients of Finn Law Offices often bring stories of illegal discrimination in their workplaces on the basis of any of the following:

  • Race, national origin or religion
  • Sex, sexual orientation or marital status
  • Pregnancy or veteran status

The New York State Human Rights Law as well as Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1991 forbid these and other forms of discrimination on the job.

Knowing your constitutional and civil rights is one thing; standing up for your rights is another. Attorney Ryan Finn will guide you effectively as you seek a resolution. Remedying workplace discrimination may involve money or something else, such as being hired or reinstated to a position that your employer blocked you from on the basis of illegal discrimination.

Perhaps you have not actually experienced overt discrimination yet, but the atmosphere at your place of work makes you suspect that it could happen soon. If you experience discrimination and report it to a government agency or take other actions in response to it, your employer may retaliate in some way. This is an important time to talk with an employment law attorney.

With Finn Law Offices on your case, you can be prepared to pursue relief in case you are the target of retaliatory discharge or any other form of retaliation.

Get A Case Evaluation From An Experienced Employment Law Attorney

An initial consultation can help you move from thinking about what has happened or may happen to doing something tangible to protect your rights.

Equip yourself with knowledge and strategies to combat unlawful discrimination at your workplace. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with attorney Ryan Finn by calling 518-896-0927 or completing an online inquiry form.