Count On Team Finn When You Need The Win

Don’t Give Up On Your Rights As An Employee

If you are up against an employer that has been stepping on your rights, you probably feel as if you have no hope of success. Do not give up without seeking legal recourse from an experienced attorney. Do not give up until you contact Finn Law Offices.

Attorney Ryan Finn devotes his career to fighting for the underdog. He used to work for large law firms but left to establish Finn Law Offices, so he could help employees stand up against employers that have violated their employment law rights.

There is no employment matter that he does not handle. Some of the most common cases he sees include:

Some employment law issues go on for weeks, months or years. You should not have to endure this on your own. Work with “Team Finn” to stand up for yourself.

Proven Success With Many Legal Strategies

Having represented hundreds of clients in complex employment law battles, Ryan has developed extensive skill in negotiations, mediation, arbitration, litigation and administrative hearings. He has earned a proven reputation for success including high settlements and awards. When you are researching lawyers, there is no substitute for factual results. You can also read what his previous clients have to say.

Instead Of Surrendering, Get Results

No worker should have to experience discrimination, unfair pay or any other violation of their rights. Ryan is ready to get justice as swiftly as possible. To request an initial consultation about his service, please call his Albany office at 518-896-0927. You can also send him an email to reach him online.