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When Noncompete Agreements Become Unreasonable Barriers To Fairness

Are you an insurance agent, real estate agent, financial adviser or stockbroker looking to start your own business in the same field of work? You may have learned the ropes as part of an organization that you now find limiting. You believe you are ready to branch out and work independently. Your outlook may seem promising until your existing agency attempts to stop you with the noncompete agreement that you originally signed with them.

To overcome barriers created by a noncompete agreement, tread carefully to avoid triggering a lawsuit. Start by consulting with a knowledgeable attorney. Finn Law Offices offers reliable counsel for parties to noncompete agreements.

Can You Overcome Enforcement Of A Noncompete Agreement?

Perhaps you feel justified in expecting to start your own business in spite of a noncompete agreement that you entered into. Your reasoning may be as follows:

  • You may now realize that you did not understand what you were signing at the time.
  • Even if you understood it, you now consider it unreasonable.
  • You may disagree with your colleagues’ interpretation of the noncompete agreement.

Is there a way around a noncompete agreement that now seems unjust? To explore this issue rationally, consult with attorney Ryan Finn in Albany. He has helped many other professionals overcome noncompete agreements.

What If You Need To Enforce A Noncompete Agreement?

You may be the owner of an insurance agency, brokerage or real estate agency. One of your trusted team members now wants to leave, branch out and start their own very similar business. They may insist they will not improperly exploit their client list, but you believe this may be difficult or impossible to prevent. How can you protect the business you have built up for many years?

You may believe that their departure and planned next steps will violate the noncompete agreement they originally signed with you. Can you bring legal action to enforce the noncompete agreement? It was, after all, a solid contract. Attorney Ryan Finn has represented many owners of professional practices in similar situations and helped them find ways to protect their businesses when colleagues left to open their own enterprises.

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Explore your legal options when the enforcement of a noncompete agreement is in question, regardless of which side of the equation you are on. Attorney Finn’s knowledge of both sides of such legal situations can be an asset to you as you seek the right result.

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