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How to dispute a DUI charge

If you are convicted of a drunk driving charge, you may spend time in jail or prison, pay a fine and lose your license either temporarily or permanently. You may also face a license suspension or revocation if you violate New York implied consent laws. Fortunately, there are a number of defenses that you may be able to raise in an effort to obtain a favorable outcome in a DUI case.

A health issue flared up

Low blood sugar may make it difficult to stand or communicate with an officer in a natural way. A medical emergency may also result in slurred speech, bloodshot eyes or other physical symptoms that may be misinterpreted as signs of alcohol impairment. It may also explain why an officer saw you driving in an erratic fashion prior to a traffic stop.

A test was performed improperly

Another common DUI defense strategy is to cast doubt upon the results of a blood, urine or Breathalyzer test. The results may be difficult to trust if the tests were performed or handled improperly. Furthermore, items such as pasta sauce or cologne could cause an inaccurate reading, which may undermine the entire case against you. If the state doesn’t have any other evidence to prove that you were driving while impaired, the matter would likely be dismissed before it got to trial.

A conviction on a drunk driving charge may have a serious impact on your life. In addition to criminal penalties, the presence of a DUI on your driving record may dissuade companies from hiring you. A criminal record may also make it harder to find adequate housing or get financial aid from an accredited college.