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Severity and types of catastrophic injuries

Statistics show that an average of two people per day in New York are victims of catastrophic injuries. This includes everything from car accidents to falls to shootings. Catastrophic injuries can be severe and may result in long-term disabilities.

Catastrophic injuries

The most common catastrophic injuries are spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and fractures. These are among the most severe type of injuries a person can experience.

A spinal cord injury can cause paralysis from the neck down. A head injury occurs when the brain is injured, resulting in a coma, loss of consciousness, or even death. A fracture occurs when the bone breaks or becomes displaced from its usual position. This can cause pain and limited mobility.

Types of catastrophic injuries

Some common catastrophic injuries can result from car accidents, falls, lightning strikes, fires, and other personal injury events:

  • Car Accidents: The probability of severe injury or death in a car accident is very high. Children are especially at risk for serious injury or death in a car accident.
  • Falls: A fall from a great height is one of the most dangerous accidents a person can experience. Falls from high places cause more injuries than any other type of accident because they often result in broken bones and other serious bodily trauma. Falls from lower levels also injure people commonly because they occur more frequently than falls from great heights. In addition, falls are among the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).
  • Lightning Strikes: Lightning strikes are one of the deadliest forms of natural disasters because they often result in traumatic deaths and severe injuries to bystanders. Lightning can strike anywhere, including inside homes and businesses, where people may be injured or killed if caught in the path of a storm surge caused by a lightning strike outside.

Severity of injury

Anyone who experiences a catastrophic injury should seek emergency medical assistance as soon as possible. The severity of the injury dictates the level of care required. Still, regardless of the type of injury, it is critical to seek professional help to ensure a full recovery.