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Why aren’t National Bullying Months working in Albany, New York?

National Anti-Bullying Prevention Month has existed for 16 years. Yet it hasn’t accomplished its goal, which is to end bullying. Instead, it’s only helped the anti-bullying industry make millions, while bullying continues to be a problem in schools. This article will explain why the problem still exists and what can be done to change it.

Independent reporters don’t always write every story you read.

Sometimes, a self-interested organization that wants free advertising will send a press release to a reporter. All they have to do is copy and paste it or reword it so it sounds better. It’s an easy way to get the word out about an important issue like school bullying in Albany, New York, but the reporters may not know anything more about the problem since they didn’t research it.

Reporters often re-use facts without double-checking to see if they’re still accurate.

A Louisiana news story from October 24th reported that a child is bullied in the United States every 7 minutes. This is accurate; however, not all statistics should be assumed to be accurate. It’s always best to do your own research.

The best way to deal with school bullying.

There needs to be a more psychological approach to empower people to cope with school bullies rather than just punishing them. While bullies should be punished and receive therapy, victims also need skills to deal with it.

These are just a few reasons bullying is still a problem and a little information on how to deal with it effectively. Until this approach is adopted, the anti-bullying industry will continue making money on programs that don’t correctly address the problem.