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Common factors that contribute to bully behavior

School bullying is an unfortunate problem that many kids face in New York. Bullying can happen to any child. It is important for parents to understand the effects of bullying and some common factors that may cause certain kids to become bullies.

Effects of bullying

School bullying can have many potential effects on kids. It psychologically distresses them, and they often withdraw from their regular activities. They may feel depressed and may fear being bullied by their peers. Withdrawing from social activities can cause many other problems, and becoming reclusive can negatively impact their social development. Anxiety and depression can be dangerous for kids when it is not managed and the bullying is not addressed.

Factors that contribute to bully behavior

Bullies often become the way they are for multiple reasons. In some cases, they are kids who are bullied or abused at home. Even if parents or others do not directly abuse them in their homes, they may observe violent or aggressive behaviors in family members. Since kids model the behaviors they see, they can act the same. Also, some kids may develop their tendencies from watching violent television shows or playing violent video games. Others may have learning disabilities or psychological issues that contribute to their behavior. Some kids are unable to process their emotions and respond with aggressive behavior. For example, a study showed that some kids who could not read their peers’ emotions responded with aggressiveness.

It is important for parents to be supportive of kids who are facing bullying at school and to encourage them. Parents can also take some steps to try to stop the bullying. There are state laws against bullying.