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Understanding Jacobe’s law and how it relates to school bullying

No child wants to be the target of bullies. Sadly, school bullying happens all too often and affects kids in lasting, damaging ways. Now, New York lawmakers are calling for a bill known as “Jacobe’s Law” to pass as a way to help with this problem.

About Jacobe’s Law

The bill that, if passed, known as Jacobe’s Law, was created after a 13-year-old named Jacobe tragically took his own life after enduring constant school bullying. His mother found a note he had left for her and his father apologizing but stating that he could no longer take the bullying. Jacobe’s mother admitted that she didn’t realize how bad the situation was before her son committed suicide and only learned the true extent after he was gone.

Law intends to inform parents

School bullying is often overlooked, but New York State Sen. Jim Tedisco wants to change that with Jacobe’s Law. Jacobe’s mother fully supports it in her son’s memory as it would require schools to inform parents if their child is being bullied.

Sen. Tedisco said that he wants to stop more tragedies from happening and stressed the importance of parents knowing what’s going on and being involved. Currently, schools use their own discretion when determining whether to notify parents if kids face school bullying.

Tedisco, a former special education teacher, emotionally stated that he thinks children who were repeatedly picked on might still be alive today had their parents been informed about their situations. Although he is hopeful that Jacobe’s Law will pass, his fellow lawmakers don’t believe that will happen this year.

If you suspect your child is being bullied, talk with them and be sensitive. Encourage them to be open and honest and let them know you support them no matter what.