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Auto accidents can cause unexpected damage like bladder injuries

When there is an auto accident in New York and people think about potential injuries, they are likely to focus on the obvious. That includes broken bones, head injuries, back injuries, cuts and bruises.

However, internal injuries can also happen. While it might sound odd, people could suffer bladder issues. If this happens, it can result in long-term damage and extensive health challenges. Recognizing the signs and knowing what to do is key.

An auto accident could cause bladder problems

The force of a collision can traumatize the entire body – even the internal organs. When there is an accident, there are ways the bladder can be damaged. Compression or ruptures are possible. If the spine is impacted as a result of the accident, it can hinder the bladder’s functionality.

People need to recognize when they might have had a bladder injury. If they have symptoms they did not have previously, it is an indication that there might be a problem such as the spine being misaligned.

Signs include:

  • Discomfort when urinating
  • Not feeling as if the bladder is completely empty
  • An urgent need to urinate
  • Incontinence

Treating a bladder injury is crucial and having an accurate diagnosis is the first step. Surgery could be needed. Specialized medical care might be necessary. Any injury or medical issue that comes about after motor vehicle accidents can lead to medical costs, lost income from being unable to work and stress.

It is imperative to recognize bladder injuries related to auto accidents

Since bladder injuries are somewhat unusual in the aftermath of an accident, having an accurate diagnosis and knowing how to move forward in making a full recovery in every aspect is essential.

Unlike the common injuries from an auto accident, bladder issues can be more complicated to diagnose and the treatment might not be as straightforward. In the aftermath, it is wise to be aware of the possibility of bladder damage and to know what options are available to make a complete recovery physically, financially and personally.