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Three ways for parents to protect bullied LGBTQ+ children

Understandably, New York parents want to do everything to protect their children. That’s why it can be extremely upsetting to learn your child is the victim of bullying. While schools nationwide try to prevent bullying, it remains a major problem for LGBTQ+ children. One study found that LGBTO+ children are victims of bullying about twice as often as non-LGBTQ+ kids.

Teaching children how to respond

After learning about your child dealing with bullying, experts recommend teaching them to disengage with bullies. Escalating situations with bullies tend to make matters worse. After disengaging, bullied children should have a support network of friends and teachers. Some schools also employ counselors for school bullying victims to speak with.

Speaking with school authorities

If disengaging isn’t working for your child and bullying continues, it could be time to contact the school where this is happening. Speaking with a principal or teachers helps parents of bullied children work together to stop this problem. It might also help to inform any law enforcement or school resource officers. The school might also contact the parents of children who are bullying others.

Understanding when to escalate matters

Should your child continue dealing with a bully or bullies, your best option could be to report the school where this keeps happening. Parents also have the right to report instances of cyberbullying that takes place outside of school to local law enforcement.

No child deserves to be the victim of a bully at school or online. If your child speaks about getting bullied, take these accusations seriously and remain involved with your child’s school and online life.