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Why should you report a car crash to the police?

If you are involved in a collision while driving, you might think twice about calling the police. You may feel it is more bother than it is worth.

In some cases, calling the police is a legal requirement. New York law makes it obligatory in the following circumstances:

  • If someone is injured or killed
  • If a domestic aminal is injured or killed
  • If a parked vehicle or any other property is damaged, and you cannot find the owner 
  • If a vehicle needs towing

Provided no person or animal is harmed, and you locate the owners of any property damaged in the crash, you are not obligated to call the police. That does not mean you shouldn’t do so anyway.

Calling the police is the only wise thing to do

If the police come, they can help in several ways. They can write the accident report, which is something you would need to file anyway if you wish to claim insurance, and must file within 10 days if property damage exceeds $1,000.

They can gather evidence, which will be crucial if you wish to claim compensation, and they can help you think clearly about what to do next.

Heading to a hospital is also important

It’s also wise to head straight to a hospital to get checked out after a wreck, rather than assuming your injuries are minor. It gives doctors a chance to catch anything you might not notice that could prove serious. The medical report will also prove crucial if you wish to claim for your injuries. 

There’s a lot to consider after a crash, and getting legal help can guide you as to what to do next so that you can receive fair compensation for your losses.